Thursday, September 8, 2011

Issue 04: Triskaidekaphobia - Ophidian/Tymon/Tapage/Petrochemical - Meta 4 M

  It goes without saying that I am a die hard Ophidian fan, the man's a genius and a revolutionary in Hardcore music unlike any other, so it goes without saying that I love his label Meta 4. Meta 4 is another one of those labels that doesn't compromise in it's goals and never ceases to put out quality tracks with that experimental flare that I love. This latest Industrial release is named after the fear of the number 13, showing off Ophidian's pinache for all things dark.

 Track Nr. 1 on this release is a collabe with Tymon, an Australian industrial producer that nows how to distrot a kick. "The One" is definitely a dark work of production finesse, with it's hard techno rhythms and it's deadly kick that came from hell. The breaks have the eeriest pad I have heard in ALONG time, the sample and build-up are pure annihilation. This song is definitely a smasher at 5/5.

  Track 2 is a collabe of the dynamic duo, Tapage & Ophidian. I absolutely love Tapage's work, he is an absolute genius with programing and sound engineering, his kicks can use a little work but with time I think he will become one of the leaders in hardcore music. Though as much as I love Tapage, "The Room" is an alright track. It's kick is hollow, and that is a big let down for an industrialist like myself. The melodies and the break are really interesting, definitely unique. This song is about a 3/5.

  Track 3 is a collabe with Petrochemical, they are a duo and I am interested by their work, but I do not have alot of experience with their work as I'd like to admit. From what I have heard from them in the past they are excellent and some of my colleges tell me that they are a phenomenal pair behind the decks, but this is about their song with Ophidian, "Inanimate." This track is by far the best on the release, it's heavy, it's noisy, it's rough, and it's very experimental in nature. I can't even begin to describe this song, you'll just have to listen to the preview. I feel like i need to adjust my rating system because 5/5 doesn't cut it, 9/5. It's irrational, deal with it.

  Track 4 is a collabe with a producer that has produced gold with Ophidian in the past, Deciever. The golden track of what I speak of that they worked on together in the past is Wolfman, which is probably the best Meta 4 song yet. "Book of the Dead" is a really interesting track. It starts off with a spacey pad and introduces alot of artifacts, definitely speaks out to the IDM lovers. This song's dream like atmosphere shatters with a pounding yet thin kick. The song is interesting but nothing absolutely new in the world of industrial. 3/5

Issue 04: Triskaidekaphobia Cover Art

1. Tymon & Ophidian - The One
2. Tapage & Ophidian - The Room
3. Petrochemical & Ophidian - Inanimate
4. Deciver & Ophidian - Book of The Dead

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