Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enzyme X 32 - Nathaniel/ Superfly - Enzyme X (Ophidian)

   The Enzyme X project returns to the Hardcore scene with the neck-breaking experimental release of Enzyme X 32. This limited pressing 7" is armed with 2 new experimental smashers that will open your eyes to new forms of Hardcore music.

   The A side, Nathaniel, is a DnB/Breakcore influenced Hardcore track speeding it's way through past 180BPM with a crazy psychidelic tone. The song features hypnotic samples of the name nathaniel as the song's breakbeat madness dances on your brain like an army of Africanized Killer Bees. The song's breakdown creeps through your psychy with quiet words and then bashes your brain in with an un-compromising kick. This song is tailored for the IDM/ Breakcore heads. This song deserves a 5/5

The B side is a little bit more in the origin of previous Enzyme X's like Silly Mid On & Deep Square Leg. This song has a pulsating industrial groove that dances about like Bootsie Collins's basslines. The song has a dirty kick that makes you wonder where this song makes it's beds at night. This song is nothing new but it is definitely more accessible then the last. Regardless I still love this track and I am giving it a 4/5

Pick up a copy of Enzyme X 32 if you are willing to give the odd ball side of Hardcore a try.

Previews: Nathaniel / Superfly

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