Thursday, September 8, 2011

Demoralized Spiral of Desire - Ruffneck & Synapse - Enzyme K7 -11

   This new Enzyme K7 holds to the spirit of Enzyme K7 10, with a heavy DnB and Dubstep influence in the first 2 tracks and a modern and a darkcore feel for the other 2. Alot of Hardcore heads where upset with this release due to it's dubstep influences, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that this is a solid release.

   The A side is composed of Reign of Chaos, with both it's original and "step" edits. The 2 tracks are almost identical except for a difference in order of the arrangements. The song in both edits has a strong DnB core to them with heavy snares and breakbeat fills. The song's screeching synths and dark lyrics make it a formidable track in the industrial scene. Both songs feature a "dubstep breakdown" which in all actuallity is pretty effectice. Why? It's rough, it's distorted, it doesn't drop the 175BPM rhythm, and it's in your face. This song despite the dissapointing anticipation turned out to be quit a good track. I give this song a 4/5

   The B side is made up of 2 different edits of Disruption of Balance which on boths sides is a distorted, abrasive, industrial menace on the dancefloor. The original edit is more in the style of Synapse with a 175BPM tempo and heavy racing sounds. This song rocks a 5/5. The "core edit" is in homage to the original Darkcore sound from Supreme Intelligence at a heavy 150BPM and carries a driving feeling with dark tones and high end screeches. This song is definitely for the industrialists only. This edit deserves a 5/5.

-Reign of Chaos
-Reign of Chaos "step edit"
-Disruption of Balance
-Disruption of Balance "core edit"

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