Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Refly - Amnesys (TRAX0085)

  Refly is the latest 3 track EP from the well achieved fresh talent of Amnesys. Amnesys has been taking the Hardcore world by storm with tracks like World Wide Crisis and Elevation, and his latest release was no less innovative.

  Refly the titular track came as a shock when I listened to it the first time and heard it had uplifting lyrics. The lyrics then give way to high ranged synth that takes the listener to the upper-range of their emotions. This song isn't my absolute favorite song ever but it is definitely an interesting tune.

  I first heard Control D Future when I was listening to a live DJ Set of Amnesys on Masters of Hardcore's 15th anniversary celebration party. Control D Future is by all means a very mainstream but strange direction for a hardcore track. It starts out with a bassline and minute kicks that give way to Rage Against the Machine samples and a synth line that screams in your ear, that some would find plane annoying. It was definitely an innovative track and something I would expect out of a man like Amnesys.

  System Crash, is definitely one of the best songs of the year hands down. An aggressive tune with drum & bass feel, and Lenny Dee lyrics to boot. The song's melody is a climatic adrenaline pumping wonder. I really can't put into words how this song is, it's best left to the listener to experience.

  Probably one of the more mainstream releases this year but still heavily note worthy. With almost every mainstream producer trying to follow up to a release like this it is definitely something Amnesys should be proud of. Refly was something you wouldn't get out of anyone but Amnesys.


Refly - Amnesys (Preview)
Control D Future - Amnesys (Preview)
System Crash - Amnesys (Preview)

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