Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ice: Pain & Fear - Meccano Twins (TRSE027)

  Along with the trading of Matteo Pitossi for Jose Sendra comes the new age of Meccano Twins releases. This new age of the Meccano Twins will come along with releases having their sound determined by one of the elements of Greek philosophy and Chinese Alchemy. The first of these new releases is Ice: Pain & Fear.

  Time Has Come is the A side of the record and it is something you wouldn't hear from anyone but the Meccano Twins. It starts off with the regular 32 bar intro with cold harsh sounds creating the atmosphere of the track leading to the drop of the cold robotic sample. "Your time has come." The song definitely captures the element perfectly with time stops and harshly distorted synths that sound like a harsh blizzard beating your eardrums. This song is great.

  Pain & Fear, the B side, is definitely a special track to me. The song's intro sounds like the last alarms of safe haven in a harsh cold wasteland shutting it's doors, the doors close and the kick comes in. After the chaos of hypothermia ensues you hear out of the frozen paralysis the words; "I don't believe in Heaven. I believe in pain. I believe in fear. I believe in death." The song then breaks out with bit-crushed synth that sounds utterly unique and the song takes off from there. Pain & Fear is truly an amazing and unique track, listen to it or else.

  If you haven't heard Gamma Release then you don't really like the Meccano Twins, since this song has been heard for ages now on mixes everywhere, it was only a matter of time before they finally released this track. Another really good tune in the old Meccano Twins style; massive kicks, dark synths, and industrial sounds is to be expected. Another stomping good track.

 Ice: Pain & Fear is definitely in my top 10 of releases this year, every track on this record is great. I highly suggest buying it and giving it a real listen. It seems that the trade for Jose Sendra was an excellent choice. The Meccano Twins are back, with a vengeance.

-Daniel/Clockwork Menace

Time Has Come - Meccano Twins (Preview)
Pain & Fear - Meccano Twins (Preview)
Gamma Release - Meccano Twins (Preview)

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