Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enzyme X 31: Abandon/End The Earth - Ophidian

  Ophidian's latest releases finally dropped last month and I promptly purchased it and listened to it 10 trillion times already. It was released on Enzyme Records' sub label, Enzyme X, an experimental label for Enzyme producers to release experimental tracks that are just a tad to bad ass for mainstream ears.

  Abandon, the A side of the record is by no means a bad track. Ophidian has outdone himself once again with another well composed, well produced, and with a flat out Ophidian aura to it. Abandon is a 9 minute and 27 second song that begins with the tell-tale crackling noises of the needle dragging against the bumps of a record, coinciding with mellow piano keys. 1 minute and 19 seconds in bit-crushed kicks and a woman's voice begin the build up of a profound hardcore experience. The kick drops and breaks off again with breakcore reminicent pauses and then is accompanied by a haunting piano melody and the song takes off from there. By far this is the best song this year.

  End the Earth, the B side of the record deserves no less if not equal attention as the first track. Break-beats, destructive kicks, and child like toy box synth lines are the key phrases here. I am certainly fond of the source material used for the sample, "I will sing the song that ends the earth." End the Earth definitely has the Enzyme X sound that people where expecting, especially out of Ophidian.

  Enzyme X 31 was definitely the more unique release this year, during a point in time when almost every producer out their is using the 90's style synths that Amnesys made so popular with the release of System Crash and Control D Future. Enzyme X 31 was a breath of fresh air in a year of Hardcore stagnation.


Abandon - Ophidian (preview)
End the Earth - Ophidian (preview)

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